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Shikuwasa / Papa-Shikuwasa Set

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What includes? This is a specific drink set of Shikuwasa(500ml) and Papa Shikuwasa .(720ml) Shikuwasa ・It is a 100% juice made by squeezing...
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Shikuwasa / Papa-Shikuwasa Set

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What includes?

This is a specific drink set of Shikuwasa(500ml) and Papa Shikuwasa .(720ml)


It is a 100% juice made by squeezing whole Shikuwasa from Okinawa. It has a strong acidic and refreshing taste. Shikuwasa juice, which has attracted a lot of attention on TV and in health magazines, contains a lot of nobiletin and is expected to work for an improvement of lifestyle-related diseases.


It is a highly concentrated nobiletin drink featured with the aroma, sourness, and pericarp’s bitterness of shikuwasa made in Okinawa. About 50ml for each serving contains 25mg of nobiletin (equivalent to 22 Shikuwasas) and 110mg of GABA (equivalent to 1kg of germinated brown rice) abundantly.Drink 1 cup (50ml) daily to maintain good health.

How to use shikuwasa? 

As a drink:

  • If you think the acidity is too strong, you can dilute it 5-8 times with water and serve it as shikuwasa drink. Add honey and brown sugar if you want to make it sweeter. 
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of shikuwasa and 1 tablespoon of honey with 150ml of hot water to make shikuwasa tea.
  • You can drink it cold in summer and hot in winter to help your body to adapt to the weather. 
  • In Okinawa, it is also popular as a split material for shochu and awamori.

Be careful: if you take an undiluted solution of shikuwasa, you may get heartburn, so please avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

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