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Sanshin - Simple Artificial Leather Set

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The QuickStart Sanshin Bundle Includes everything you need to start living the Sanshin life, unbeatable price for an unbeatable tone ♪Made from...
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Sanshin - Simple Artificial Leather Set

Product details

The QuickStart Sanshin Bundle Includes everything you need to start living the Sanshin life, unbeatable price for an unbeatable tone ♪Made from durable artificial leather ♪

This set includes:

  • Sanshin
  • Tuning guide and Karakui guide (with English version)
  • Clip tuner, positional stickers 
  • Spare strings
  • Plauma
  • Karaoke
  • CD for practice and entertainment

The complete kickstart to your Sanshin playing career ♪. The perfect gateway into the world of Sanshin music making! The Sanshin Body Made from our specialty Ryukyu Smile, the body is made with popular artificial leather that’s perfect for new players. It’s designed to be played for hours on end while keeping its structural integrity.

Additionally, we use special artificial leather designed to suppress the ‘hardness’ in the tone found in other synthetic Sanshin. 

The Sanshin features a solid build and a present but gentle sound, rigorously tested and tuned before getting shipped to stores. Specifications: Karakui (tuning pegs) – Black Utaguchi (soundhole) – Cow bone Uma (bridge) – Bamboo, wide foot design

Makabe neck Apitong lumber coating: Makabe type Sanshin are often thought to be among the most beautiful thanks to their glossy, luxurious paint finish. Every neck is carefully checked for any manufacturing defects and scratches before assembly.

Artificial Leather Body Our Ryukyu Smile version is the most popular artificial leather Sanshin among new players. It's incredibly durable, so there’s no need to worry about skin tearing of any kind. You can practice for hours on end without the need to do excessive maintenance on the instrument.

Artificial leather is often thought to be variable in its sound quality, but the strength and tension of the leather we apply are among the highest quality available. The result is a gentle tone for you to explore for countless hours ahead.

Ryukyu Smile is the true gateway to your new Sanshin life. Karakui (tuning peg) The karakui tuning pegs are carved from ebony wood with hexagonal lines. The karakui is the most important part of the instrument as they’re responsible for tuning your Sanshin, which is why we’ve selected high-grade, non-slip ebony. 

Intonation is among the most difficult concepts to master for newer players, but our craftsmen have installed high-quality, easy to use pegs so you’re in-tune and on key every time you play Strings Ryukyu No.2 nylon strings were chosen for their soft tone Tiger label A standard left crest pattern beautiful wraps around the body of the instrument embroidered with the prestigious, long-standing Ryukyu royal family crest The Ryukyu Smile will bring music and joy to your life.

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