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Jonathan Garma - Jan 01 2020


Fujiyama is a 100% tin sake cup that carries its namesake, Mount Fuji, in both body and spirit. Individually handmade by the craftsmen at Nousaku, each cup also has gold foil pasted on its soft, metal body. The cup accentuates the colors of whatever sake it may hold with the gold sheen of its interior and its distinctive form factor. It’s the perfect way to enjoy one of Japan’s longest-lasting traditions, at all temperatures and for any occasion.

The icon of Japan

At the bottom of each cup is a representation of Mount Fuji, an homage to Japan’s most sacred symbol. The history of Mount Fuji is as deep as the tradition of sake. The power of the dormant volcano is mysterious and held close by the people of Japan – it has the power to both create and destroy. The volcano can demolish the surrounding landscape, but it is also a source of fertility and rice. Sake is enjoyed in times of both celebration and mourning and speaks to the many opportunities we have in our lives to drink it. Fujiyama reminds us of Japan’s oldest and most sacred icon while providing a gateway to enjoy drinking one of the country’s greatest exports. That’s not all though – turn the cup upside down and you’ll see its exterior also pays homage to its inspiration. The wide lip becomes the foot of Fujisan’s and the indented base becomes the mountain’s snowy summit.

The cup itself has a wide mouth and narrow bottom, ideal for rich sake flavour of any temperature. There’s a whole world of sake for you to explore featuring everything from Junmai, a sake brewed using only rice, water yeast and koji, to the much stronger flavour of Honjozo. Fujiyama is the perfect vessel to appreciate drinking sake and is your invitation to explore everything the world of sake has to offer.

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Tin is a notoriously fragile and difficult metal to process, requiring high levels of expertise to process and cast it. Yet, all products in the Nousaku tin line are made from 100% tin. Nousaku had a desire to create the world’s first 100% tin line and have passed down rich manufacturing traditions from generation to generation since its founding in 1916 to create the unique, high-quality line of products available today. Tin is a popular metal among tableware produces as it doesn’t easily oxidize, which is why it was the chosen metal for Fujiyama - It allows your sake to stay fresher for longer.

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In 2013, Mount Fuji was recognized by the World Cultural Heritage site in 2013 with the label ‘The Sacred Place and Source of Artistic Inspiration’. Mount Fuji has been a symbol in Japan that connects the lives of Japanese people with the beautiful, historied scenery the country has to offer. It’s the tallest mountain in Japan, the cultural icon adored by so many and now it can the sake vessel of choice in your home. Let Fujiyama connect you with Japan’s rich and storied traditions while you enjoy your sake.

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