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Instrument Kankara Sanshin (prêt à l'emploi)

What is the Kankara Sanshin? With a body made from empty cans and a neck made from scrap wood, the original Sanshin was born...
Machidaya (Guitares japonaises)
À partir de ¥8,642

Instrument Sanlele - Ryukyu Pine

What’s a Sanlele? A Sanlele is a cross between the Okinawan sanshin and the Hawaiian ukulele. It has the body of a ukulele and...
Machidaya (Guitares japonaises)

Sanlele Umi Ashibi - Pack "Splash 'n' Shred"

World’s first! You can play on the sea, river, and on rainy days. Outdoor instrument! Get this curious musical instrument named Sanlele, an Okinawan...
Machidaya (Guitares japonaises)
À partir de ¥33,000

Sanshin - Ensemble simple en cuir artificiel

The QuickStart Sanshin Bundle Includes everything you need to start living the Sanshin life, unbeatable price for an unbeatable tone ♪Made from durable artificial...
Machidaya (Guitares japonaises)

Sanshin : Ensemble de 18 pièces en cuir artificiel

The Sanshin features a solid build and a present but gentle sound, rigorously tested and tuned before getting shipped to stores. Specifications: Karakui (tuning...
Machidaya (Guitares japonaises)

Instrument Sanlele Umi Ashibi "Splash 'n' Shred"

Sanlele – The simple and clean Japanese sound A uniquely Okinawan cross between the Sanshin and the ukulele. Feel the tropical air and soothing...
Machidaya (Guitares japonaises)
À partir de ¥23,571