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Unique Japanese Pattern Design

MinaHomi Design Workshop

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What's MinaHomi?

“MinaHomi Design Workshop”..

consists of two sisters who produce miscellaneous goods, organize craft workshops, and publish their original “zines”, all based on the theme of "Japanese-ness" in pattern designs.

MinaHomi's Story

At "MinaHomi Design Workshop”..

the two sisters focus on three types of work: client work, workshops, and product creation, with the goal of bringing smiles to people’s faces. In their workshop, they teach students how to make a personalized Japanese hanko (rubber stamp) using an ordinary eraser. The workshops are held mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, and the crafts are often based on the theme of the four seasons.

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MinaHomi's mission

The mission of MinaHomi..

is to create universally designed products that appeal to people in different countries around the world and which are designed and manufactured to last for decades.
It's a challenging mission to uphold unless you are sure you're satisfied with each and every design, so the sisters evaluate all of their product designs to ensure they are the very best.

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All Handmade

All products from MinaHomi Design Workshop are 100% handmade. .

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Seasonal Design

MinaHomi makes a wide variety of products using patterns reminiscent of the four seasons. .

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High Quality

Each item is well-made, colorful and attractive and makes a great conversation piece.

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