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Voyapon - Our Japan Travel Guide

Gosunzara: Japanese Handmade Plate with Okinawan Design (2 pieces)

A small plate decorated with classic Okinawan designs. Ideal as a serving plate or for fruit, bread, and other desserts. There are 2 different...
Yachimun Fuji

Handmade Japanese Mug from Okinawa (2 pieces)

A handmade mug with a beautiful clay pattern. The perfect vessel for any beverage and the perfect gift for a special someone in your...
Yachimun Fuji

Japanese Makai Bowl

In Okinawa, "Makai" is a type of tableware traditionally used for soba and rice bowl dishes. There are 4 different designs to choose from:①Fish:...
Yachimun Fuji
from ¥7,857

Nanasunzara: Japanese Plate with an Okinawan Design

This is the perfect plate to serve all your mains, from pasta to fish and everything in between.①Fish: A traditional Okinawan fish pattern, signifying...
Yachimun Fuji

Patterned Jar from Okinawa - Jiro Kinjo (one of a kind)

A masterpiece by Living National Treasure and noted Okinawan potter, Jiro Kinjo. The item comes with a signature from the artist. Inhabiting the power...
Yachimun Fuji

Shakunisunzara: Large Okinawan Japanese Dish

A one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re looking to add to your room’s décor or give a special someone a thoughtful gift, this large dish is the perfect addition...
Yachimun Fuji

Shakuzara: Large Party Dish (one of a kind)

A one-of-a-kind large dish that’s sure to add a little Okinawan flavor to every meal. ①Fish: A traditional Okinawan fish pattern, signifying prosperity and...
Yachimun Fuji