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Sanlele Umi Ashibi - Splash 'n' Shred Set

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World’s first! You can play on the sea, river, and on rainy days. Outdoor instrument! Get this curious musical instrument named Sanlele,...
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Sanlele Umi Ashibi - Splash 'n' Shred Set
Blue / No Design / Random Color - ¥33,000

Product details

World’s first! You can play on the sea, river, and on rainy days. Outdoor instrument!

Get this curious musical instrument named Sanlele, an Okinawan mix between the Sanshin and the ukulele. This handmade Japanese musical instrument is perfect for beginners, and you can even customize it. This is a special set with all the accessories to start practicing it!

Feel the tropical air and soothing ocean sounds with each strum. Frets are positioned up and down the neck to make finding notes a breeze, soul-soothing, tropical sounds readily at your fingertips. Notes are easy to press down, making this the perfect beginner instrument.

Its beautiful finish comes courtesy of Livos, the world’s most reliable natural and ecological paint, made from natural raw materials like vegetable oil. It's allergy-free, so you can play it carefree. 

Specifications:  Body – Acrylic, 20.7cm x 15.5cm x 4.4cm Neck – Wood, 61cm Weight – Approx 400g Frets – Plastic, spaced for the Ryukyu scale Paint – Finished with Natural Livos paint.

This set includes:

  • Sanlele: Color options are blue, green, and pink.
  • Sanlele: Body Design: 22 different design options..
  • Sunrele bag (case): Available in blue, black, and army green
  • BOOK for the first Sanlele lesson.
  • CD for the first Sanlele lesson
  • SANLELE MUSIC BOOK VOL.1 (sheet music)
  • Sanlele code chart
  • Clip tuner(with instructions)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Pick

Check the color variation:

  • Body color: Blue, Green, Pink.
  • Bag color: Blue, Black, Army green.
  • Body Design: Please choose one from A〜V in the picture.

There are 3 color variations for bag color, if you want a specific color, please don't hesitate to write in in the "Additional comment" section on the cart page.

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