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Yachimun Fuji

A pottery workshop owned by Kanako Fujioka, granddaughter of Living National Treasure Jiro Kinjo. The pottery is produced in a climbing kiln, also known as the Jiro Kinjo kiln. In addition to the fish designs that are synonymous with Jiro Kinjo, you can find her unique and popular designs featuring sea creatures and flowers.

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Voyapon - Our Japan Travel Guide

Nanasunzara: Japanese Plate with an Okinawan Design

This is the perfect plate to serve all your mains, from pasta to fish and everything in between.①Fish: A traditional Okinawan fish pattern, signifying...
Yachimun Fuji

Gosunzara: Japanese Handmade Plate with Okinawan Design (2 pieces)

A small plate decorated with classic Okinawan designs. Ideal as a serving plate or for fruit, bread, and other desserts. There are 2 different...
Yachimun Fuji

Shakuzara: Large Party Dish (one of a kind)

A one-of-a-kind large dish that’s sure to add a little Okinawan flavor to every meal. ①Fish: A traditional Okinawan fish pattern, signifying prosperity and...
Yachimun Fuji

Shakunisunzara: Large Okinawan Japanese Dish

A one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re looking to add to your room’s décor or give a special someone a thoughtful gift, this large dish is the perfect addition...
Yachimun Fuji

Japanese Makai Bowl

In Okinawa, "Makai" is a type of tableware traditionally used for soba and rice bowl dishes. There are 4 different designs to choose from:①Fish:...
Yachimun Fuji
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Handmade Japanese Mug from Okinawa (2 pieces)

A handmade mug with a beautiful clay pattern. The perfect vessel for any beverage and the perfect gift for a special someone in your...
Yachimun Fuji

Patterned Jar from Okinawa - Jiro Kinjo (one of a kind)

A masterpiece by Living National Treasure and noted Okinawan potter, Jiro Kinjo. The item comes with a signature from the artist. Inhabiting the power...
Yachimun Fuji