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Handmade Japanese Sakura Flower Tray - Nousaku

This tin tray has a motif of cherry blossoms.Each piece is handcrafted by a craftsman. Tin has antibacterial properties and can be used safely...

Japanese bowls set (Gold and Tin) - Nousaku

The bottom of this tin bowl is round, so it shimmers in the light. The set includes one bowl made of 100% tin and...
Nousaku Sake sets

Tin Sake Vessel - Nousaku

This is a 100% tin katakuchi that can hold one cup of sake.Since ancient times, tin has been used as a metal for sake...
Nousaku Sake sets

Gold Leaf Sake Vessel - Nousaku

The inside of this 1-cup, 100% tin katakuchi is decorated with gold leaf.Nohsaku has created a collaboration with Kanazawa Prefecture's representative traditional craft, gold...
Nousaku Sake sets

Suzuha Yuragi – Earrings

Make your every move flutter like leaves with brilliant tin earrings that will light your face up. Carrying the ‘leaf’ motive from the Suzuha...
Fashion Nousaku

Najimi Tumbler

A sizeable tumbler that still snugly fits in your hand, made from 100% tin. There’s even a handy dent for your thumb to help...

Tin Beer Cup - L

The perfect drinking vessel for your beer can and more, made from 100% tin The beer cup has a slightly coarse, ‘nashiji’ finish created...

Time Bell Candle

As the wax melts and the nails fall, so does the candle chime. An industry with great tradition from the city of Takaoka in...

Suzuha Yuragi - Pendant

Accessories in the Suzuha series all have a ‘leaf’ theme. The top of the leaf-shaped pendant is gently curved, taking advantage of the soft,...
Fashion Nousaku

Japanese Sake Cup - Nousaku

This is a tin cup with gorgeous gold leaf on the inside, a collaboration with Kanazawa Prefecture's representative traditional craft, gold leaf. The shine...
Dining Nousaku Sake sets

Guinomi Japanese Sake Cup - Nousaku

This Guinomi “easy to drink cup” is recommended for those who want to enjoy delicious sake every day.This is one of the most popular...
Nousaku Sake sets

Gold Sake Cup - Nousaku

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and a World Heritage Site. The image of Mt. Fuji is designed on the bottom of...
Dining Nousaku Sake sets

Japanese Wind Chime - Nousaku

This is a beautiful wind chime with an interesting shape. It is available in three colors: gold/brass color, silver/silver plating, and pink gold/copper plating.Making...

Onion Silver

This is a wind chime shaped like an onion, made using the traditional casting and processing techniques of craftsmen in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.With...


This is a beautiful wind chime with a simple Japanese design. It was designed based on the concept of having an attractive form even...