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Higa Brewery

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Zanpa Liberty Force Set×12

A collaborative beverage with famous artists from Okinawa. As the awamori matures, we hope you’ll also realize your own hidden LIBERTY FORCE and chase...
Higa Brewery

Zanpa flight set

A mix of the Zanpa 3-taster pack and our refreshing plum wine, giving you a wide range of tastes to suit all palettes.
Higa Brewery

Zanpa sour set(Shikuwasa with Umeshu)

A plum wine set made with Zanpa and Shikuwasa, a citrus fruit native to Okinawa. A set of Zanpa's finest plum and aged plum...
Higa Brewery

Zanpa Party Set

Five of Zanpa's best-selling products, the perfect choice for parties or as a gift.
Higa Brewery

Zanpa Black&White(1,800ml)

A two-piece set of Zanpa White, an easy-to-drink blend, and Zanpa Black, one of our most popular blends.
Higa Brewery

Zanpa craftman vase

A defining characteristic of awamori is that its taste and fragrance grows as it matures. Awamori is often purchased as a gift when a...
Higa Brewery

Zanpa Traditional Set

Enjoy a double pack of 3 year aged Zanpa and 5 year aged Zanpa Premium
Higa Brewery

Zanpa Black&White with Premium

A set combining 3 of Zanpa's most popular products.
Higa Brewery

Zanpa Premium Set

Aged to perfection in the Zanpa warehouse over 5 years, Zanpa premium is made from a carefully chosen blend of 60% cured-sake. A mixture...
Higa Brewery