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Katakuchi - Medium- Silver

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This is a 100% tin katakuchi that can hold one cup of sake.Since ancient times, tin has been used as a metal...
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Katakuchi - Medium- Silver

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This is a 100% tin katakuchi that can hold one cup of sake.

Since ancient times, tin has been used as a metal for sake and tea utensils, as it is said that "water in a tin vessel will not spoil" and that "sake tastes better because it is free of impurities. Pouring water into a katakuchi (one mouthful) removes the miscellaneous flavors from the sake and makes it taste even better. The simple, not-too-large shape also makes it a good choice for dressing containers and tableware.

This tin katakuchi is handcrafted one by one. Please enjoy your favorite sake with a katakuchi that is soft and comfortable in your hand.
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